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Statement regarding change of the service provider


Caucasus Online LLC and MagtiCom LLC have executed an agreement based on which Caucasus Online LLC will transfer to MagtiCom LLC all assets used for provision of the retail and corporate services.

Parties are intending to finalize the process of transfer of assets on August 1, 2016. After which MagtiCom LLC will be providing retail and corporate services instead of Caucasus Online LLC.

From August 1, the date of change of the provider of Internet, IPTV, fixed-line telephony and hosting services MagtiCom LLC will replace Caucasus Online LLC as a party to the contract in force between you and Caucasus Online LLC and will exercise all rights and fulfill all obligations determined therein.

Transfer of assets and change of the service provider will not affect uninterrupted provision of the services.

 From August 1 on:

  • MagtiCom LLC will ensure providing uninterrupted services;
  • Services will be provided at the offices of MagtiCom LLC (in any office located in Tbilisi and certain regional offices);
  • Payment methods will remain unchanged;
  • Hotline number will remain unchanged;

Magticom’s Bank account:


Magticom LTD

Tbilisi; Politkovskaia Str. 7

ID Code: 204876606

Central branch of JSC “VTB Bank Georgia”

Bank Code: № UGEBGE22

Acc. № GE73VT6600000000423607


Thank you for cooperation!